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Monday, September 4, 2006

GDI in Norway!

These cool kids started a GDI in Grenland, Norway.  Even if your Norwegian is poor, I'll bet you can translate Gerilja KinoTheir first showing was in a disused train tunnel for a showing of Touching the Void. 

Here's what they wrote to us:
Dear Folk at the Santa Cruz Guerilla-Drive In,

Inspired by your handy DIY-drive in-guide we have started our very own version here in Norway - that's as in the country of Norway close to the arctic circle. Anyhoo, we had our fist showing this last thursday for about 15 happy souls. We screened Touching the Void by academy award-winner Kevin Macdonald. The screening took place in a defunct railway tunnel. The water was dripping from the walls in much the same fashion as in the caverns of the movie. We had a great time organizing it, and just wanted you all to know that Santa Cruz got us started.

Check out our blogger-site (in Norwegian, sorry) with a link to your site.

Happy movie-going and all the best
Tom-Erik guerilla-organizer

This is an article about this new wacky group in Grenland showing movies for free.

I'm sure I would find these articles awesome, but my Norwegian is really really rusty.


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