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Monday, January 24, 2011

2010-2011 Regular Winter Schedule

Second Friday of each month.
We're roaming, so note the location each event.

Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas

7pm Dec 17th

A Jim Henson classic. Emmet Otter and his Ma are dirt-poor, but very happy and good musicians. By competing in the town's talent contest, they risk everything for the opportunity to buy each other Christmas presents. Location: Subrosa 703 Pacific

The Most Dangerous Man In America

730pm Jan 14th

A close parallel to WikiLeaks: In 1971, in the midst of the Vietnam War, a top Gov't war strategist, Daniel Ellsberg risks everything in an act of conscience, (photocopying 7,000 pages of Top Secret documents) leading directly to Watergate, Nixon's resignation & the end of the Vietnam War. Location: Unity Temple, 407 Broadway

Bomb It

8pm Feb 11th

Bomb It is an international graffiti and street art documentary. The film spans 5 continents and features cities such as Cape Town, London, Paris, Amsterdam and Sao Paulo, as the documentary explores the interplay between worldwide graffiti movements, the global proliferation of "Quality of Life" laws, and the fight for control over public space. Location: Subrosa 703 Pacific

Waltz With Bashir

8pm Mar 11th

One night, an old friend tells director Ari Folman about a recurring nightmare. The two men conclude that the dream is connected to their experience in the Israeli Army during the first Lebanon War. Ari is surprised that he can’t remember a thing about that period of his life. Ari decides to meet and interview old friends and comrades to discover the truth about that time. Location: Subrosa, 703 Pacific


8pm Apr 8th

In 1967 Buenos Aires, eight year old Valentín lives with his poor widowed grandmother. He dreams he will become an astronaut and invents ways to practice important skills like walking in zero gravity and holding his breath. Without really realizing it, he wants more than anything to be part of a nuclear family. Valentín is a smart and charming film that is appropriate for viewers of all ages. Location: Beach Flats Community Garden

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