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Friday, May 1, 2009

[guerilla-drive-in] Stolen Car Reportback

Again,this isn't GDI related, but since you haven't heard anything except stolen car news from us for a while anyway, I thought I owed you an update:

Jen's stolen car was recovered.  It was found dusty and unlocked on the East Side.  While my sleeping back, a bike rack, and a library book were removed, everything else including our CDs were still in it.  Weird. 

Thanks to GDI friend Giles for loaning us a car for the duration.  He comes through as a hero again.

(As an aside, my bike was stolen last night, so if you have a sweet, tallish mountain bike in good condition, feel free to lay that on me.  Thanks.)

GDI Love,

PS We've been meeting about this season's films and schedule, so stay tuned after the Anarchist Convergence.

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