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Friday, August 28, 2009


West Chester Guerilla Drive-In. Photo:

Guerilla Drive-Ins Elsewhere

KFC Collective Outdoor Screenings, San Francisco

Pirate Drive-In, Kansas City, Missouri

Bring Popcorn, Huntsville, Alabama

Mystery Movie Ride, Portland, Oregon

Renegade Picture Show, Norman, Oklahoma

Guerilla Drive-In - West Chester, Pennsylvania
GeriljaKino Grenland, Grenland, Norway (in a tunnel! with photos! in Norwegian!)

Guerilla Drive-In, Victoria, British Columbia

Dolores Park Movie Night, San Francisco

Guerilla Porn, Cardiff, United Kingdom

Southern Maine Guerilla Drive-In, Portland, Maine

Deproduction Drive-in, Denver, Colorado

Mobile Movie - Berkeley, California

Liberation Drive-In - Oakland, California

Guerilla Drive-In - West Chester, Pennsylvania

Lawn Chair Drive-In - Philadelphia, PA

Guerilla Drive-In - Tampa City, Florida (defunct)

Atomic Shock Theatre - Minneapolis, Minnesota
the Vampire Hookers Debacle

Guerilla Drive-In - Los Angeles, California (defunct) video

Guerilla Drive-In - Dallas, Texas (defunct)

Rooftop Films, Brooklyn, New York

Other Projects Around Town You May Not Know About

It occurred to us that there are a bunch of things going on around Santa Cruz, projects that we are involved in or support. There must be more free things going on here than in any other town its size anywhere. (Ignore the abominable article in the Good Times this week about free things to do in Santa Cruz.) Look at any bulletin board in town and find dozens of free, interesting, and public things to do. These are just some of the exciting grassroots projects that make this town unique. Here's a list suitable for posting on your fridge.

The Bike Church
Community Bike Shop and Tool Cooperative
You need not be a mechanic to use the Bike Church's do-it-yourself repair facility; people of all aptitudes make use of the shop. Church ministers (mechanics) are there to help and get as involved in the repair of your bicycle as necessary. We encourage people to learn by getting their hands dirty - familiarize themselves with the machine that they rely on to get them from place to place. The Bike Church is part of The Hub at 224 Walnut Ave, Downtown.

Santa Cruz Free Skool
Free Skool offers a variety of classes in homes, community centers, and open spaces all over Santa Cruz. Free Skool is a completely grassroots effort, a collection of locals who've decided to act collectively and autonomously to create a skill-sharing network, a school without institutional control. It is an opportunity to learn from others and share what they know, to help create self-reliance, vital communities, and beauty in the world. Free Skool calendars are distributed widely in coffee shops, restaurants, and community centers.

Free Radio Santa Cruz - 101.1 FM
Free Radio Santa Cruz has been on the air for almost ten years without a license. We broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, in defiance of federal regulations. We go on the air to protest corporate control of the airwaves, to bring local control and local accountability to our community media, to produce and broadcast a diversity of programs that are simply unavailable on corporate controlled stations. FRSC is part of a growing micro-radio movement, supporting the work of other independent media and other pirate and noncommercial web and broadcast stations. On the air at 101.1 FM.

Food Not Bombs
Food Not Bombs offers community meals open to all, as an opportunity to build community, reclaim public space, protest hunger, poverty, militarization, and all forms of oppression. Serving downtown two days a week: Mondays 4:00pm @ Pacific and Cooper, and Wednesdays 4:00pm @ the south end of the Farmer's Market

Santa Cruz Indymedia
Web-based local news and info source, focused on local issues and the direct impact of larger issues on our community. The Independent Media Center is a network of collectively run media outlets for the creation of radical, accurate, and passionate tellings of the truth. We work out of a love and inspiration for people who continue to work for a better world, despite corporate media's distortions and unwillingness to cover the efforts to free humanity. Santa Cruz Indymedia is an autonomous member of the Independent Media Center network. Online.

Santa Cruz Farmer's Market
You already know about the Wednesday Farmer's Market, but here's a reminder. Not quite a revolutionary organization, but still, this is our town's beating heart. Here is the cross-section of so many of the cultures that make up our community. Fresh food, organic produce, music, entertainment, and friends. Year round, Wednesday afternoons, Lincoln and Cedar.

Santa Cruz Anarchist Library
Need a good radical history book to curl up with in the rainy winter months? Or a great book on politics to take with you on your summer travels? Need respite from the ho-hum assigned reading in your classes? Visit the Anarchist Library where you can check out radical books that might not be available in your local library. The collection covers such diverse subjects as anarchy, situationists, history, politics, fiction, ecology, indiginous studies, feminism, and psychology. Also current grassroots and radical events are posted. At the Sacred Grove, 924 Soquel Ave

And of course, you already know about:

Guerilla Drive-In
Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In is an outdoor movie theatre under the stars that springs up unexpectedly in the fields and industrial wastelands. Beyond showing great movies and bringing a broad community together, part of our mission is helping reclaim public space and transforming our urban environment into the joyful playground it should be. Every other Friday all year. Summer series at the railroad track at Fair Ave on the Westside.

Renegade Picture Show, Norman, Oklahoma

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