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Friday, August 28, 2009

Recent Press

Recent Press

scene and unseen - KQED Arts Blog
"As you can see, I'm an addict. There's just something deliciously mischievous and intellectually sexy about a clandestine group of strangers gathering together in some shabby, unsuspecting space to watch completely obscure movies together."

Walk-In - Santa Cruz Good Times
"The Collective's inspiration for the drive-in stemmed not only from their love of movies, but because its members are also on a mission to reclaim public space. In Europe people gather in squares at night to drink, dance and kiss. In Santa Cruz, on the other hand, nightlife in public places is unheard of. "The perceived solution to crime, drugs and homelessness is to make public spaces illegal at night..."

Now Playing, a Digital Brigadoon - New York Times
"Part of why we're doing this is to reclaim public space and give people a way to use the nighttime that's not mediated by commerce," he said. "In our town, the parks close at sundown, you have to buy something at coffee shops. We wanted to give people a way to interact with each other outdoors without having to spend any money."

"Guerilla Drive-In" group grabs unused space to show movies - Santa Cruz Sentinel
The philosophy, he said, is taking patches of "industrial wasteland" and "turning them into places where people gather for fun. We make these places safer when we're there, we have great relationships with the neighbors and provide an alternative to partying."

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Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone! People all over Europe seem to roam around at night hanging out with family and this is a customary thing. We need to enjoy the night get to know our neighbors our towns.