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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

We hate to do this to you... (RE: The Third Man Postponed)

Dear Friends,

It occurred to those of us with better schedulers that we rescheduled The Third Man on the date of another important community event, namely the Blackbird Raum CD Release show.  And even if you weren't planning to go to that, we all probably will.  So we'll see you there instead this Friday.

What would be a good date to reschedule?  Let's look at the Guerilla Drive-In calendar:

There is a GDI showing in the works on Oct 16th, a benefit for our friends at Ped-X, the bike delivery co-op, who had their space broken into four times in the last month.  We'll be showing films in the SubRosa courtyard.  Bring warm clothes and blankets. 

There are also some other showings being batted around:  an on campus showing in support of the Palestinian people and some other things.

Looks like Oct 30th is open.  So we'll meet in the crispy fall air on All-Hallow's Eve Eve in San Lorenzo Park for a huge showing of my favorite movie, The Third Man and make a big night of it.

How does that sound?  Will you be there?  Can you bring all your family and friends?


P.S. Thanks for the well wishes after my bicycle accident.  I'm doing better and almost normal.

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