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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Friday July 26: Dark Side of the Rainbow at SubRosa

                          Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In and SubRosa presents:

                                                    Fridaysare Magic!
                                            an evening film series to benefit
                                                Free Cascadia Witch Camp
                                                   $5 donation (notaflof)

Friday, July 26th at dark: 

Dark Side of the Rainbow

(The Wizard of Oz AND 
Dark Side of the Moon)

You've heard the talk, now experience it for yourself!  pairing of the 1973 Pink Floyd album The Dark Side of the Moon with the visual portion of the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz. This produces moments where the film and the album appear to correspond with each other. 

         Secret Location is the SubRosa  garden courtyard- 703 Pacific Ave.

Bring blankets, pillows and other comfy stuff to nest on down in the courtyard.  We will have some cozy fixings already laid out as well.  Metal folding chairs are also available.

                         More information about Free Cascadia Witch Camp 
                                      More information about SubRosa 

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