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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fri. Sept. 13th at 7:30pm- Clatterbox "The Madness of Alphabet"

SubRosa Presents
with Support by Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In:

The Madness of Alphabet
multi-media, live music, sound collage, & film- the video & music go hand in hand & both are dependent on the other for the performance (from Fresno)

Friday Sept. 13th
at 7:30pm sharp! (really!)

At SubRosa, 703 Pacific Ave.
$5 notaflof for touring bands

Also this evening, 3 Bands and Music by:

Them Are Us Too-
from Santa Cruz, dreamy in a noisy sort of way (

Rags- from Santa Rosa, noisey explosions dissipate in melodic heaven relapse w/ lyrical grooves (

Portland based 2, 3, and 4 piece rock band featuring members of the Coma Lilies and My Dads, touring with Rags (

***Clatterbox video showing is possible with support by Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In and scroll below for info on the Autumn series, next showing Fri. Sept. 27th,


SubRosa is an anarchist community space run by a collective of committed volunteers.  We put energy into SubRosa to create a vibrant community space available for events, classes, and meetings, collaborations and organizing, art and creativity, as well as reading and studying.  We are working to create a world guided by mutual support, without coercive control.

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