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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Update regarding GDI this winter and future plans

This winter the GDI collective decided to not have a regular schedule of films and instead do special showings, either in conjunction with others (as we have done plenty this winter) or to show films that individuals in the collective have a fondness for, but never get on the official schedule (this has been slow to come to fruition). We will have our regular summer series starting early May.

Before the summer series keep your eyes open for the following possible offerings from the GDI folks:

-midnight movies- favorites from our past series, from Repo Man to the Third Man (maybe we'll be able to show the film uninterrupted this time) and so on!
-Jan Svankmajer meets the Brothers Quay at Der Weinersnitzel (dark stop motion short films shown on the roof of deserted fast food monstrosity)
-Videodrome (a Chronenberg favorite of the Reverend's)
-Billy Elliot- overlooked time and again but well worth a viewing
-other special showings in conjunction with others (have a proposal?...get in touch)

Other Possibilities (open to film suggestions):

-a subversive family/kids night
-Iranian film night
-(resist) police state night (shown downtown)
-and so on and on and on

Any questions or comments or suggestions (favorite films with a subversive bent?) or you want to have a special public film showing with a radical intent (again send us a proposal), then contact us at our website

yes indeed,
your pal,

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