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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Coffee and popcorn at Guerilla Drive-In!

We were shooting the shit the other night about how nice it would have been to have a coffee cart at our downtown showing. Ah, how nice! A cool night, a warm beverage, movies under the starts and the bright lights of the big city!

Then we started thinking about how great it would be to have popcorn, a big popcorn maker making vegan-friendly popcorn with fine-ground salt and nutritional yeast at our regular shows. Ah, the wafting smells of popping corn!

Yes! It would be super swell if there was coffee AND popcorn at GDI.

Then we talked about it a bit and thought... instead of doing more, what if we did less? If we had to set up popcorn or coffee cart it would mean a lot more work for the Guerilla Drive-In collective. But worse, while we'd be bringing you popcorn, we'd be taking something away from you too -- the opportunity for you to participate more.

Perhaps we can float the idea and see what becomes of it. Every once in a while, I think it is important -- as we did with the loud jeering crew -- to remind people that we ALL make GDI happen. It is a project that we all take part in -- no one need wait for permission to make it more awesome.

So this is an invite to set up a coffee cart and/or popcorn at our GDI showings. Don't you know someone who has a big-ass popcorn maker that they are willing to haul out there and run? Don't you have a sweet little coffee cart?

We'll leave it to you.

Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In

1 comment:

Wes Modes said...

Dear Guerillas,

Okay, so no hits whatsoever with the popcorn and coffee email.

We suffered through subversive shorts, an intermission, Johnny's hosting, and an entire brilliant movie on Friday with neither popcorn nor strong coffee. (We did have a huge bag of dumpstered bread and pastries from a local bakery, however). It was heart-breaking.

Wouldn't GDI be that much better with a warm cup of joe in your hands, or the smell of popcorn wafting across our vacant lot by the tracks? Consider stepping up and getting into the DIY spirit of GDI. Don't ask our permission. Just feel free to make it happen if you desire. This after all is your community deal, right?

Of course, don't listen to us. Don't do popcorn at all! Bake pie or tap dance or provide bike valet services or whatever.

Understand that we all make GDI happen together. We aren't some city-sponsored entertainment contractor nor an anointed group of civic do-gooders. Nah, fuck that. We're just a bunch of people who said, Wow, wouldn't it be cool if we could see movies on a Friday night outside without having to pay money? You are part of that, one of the people who make GDI happen.

Now where's our goddamned popcorn?!

Santa Cruz GDI