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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

[guerilla-drive-in] 500 Years of Chican@ History with Being John Brown and Barrios Unidos

500 Years of Chican@ History

Saturday June 6th,  6pm
Being John Brown and Barrios Unidos present:
Betita Martinez's "Viva La Causa: 500 Years of Chican@ History"

Saturday June 6th at 6pm
Barrios Unidos 
1817 Soquel Ave, Santa Cruz

Elizabeth "Betita" Martínez is a Chicana feminist and a long-time community organizeractivistauthor, and educator. She has written numerous books and articles on different topics relating to social movements in the Americas. Her best-known work is the bilingual 500 years of Chicano History in Pictures, which later formed the basis for the educational video ¡Viva la Causa! 500 Years of Chicano History. Her work has been hailed by Angela Y. Davis as comprising "one of the most important living histories of progressive activism in the contemporary era ... [Martínez is] inimitable ... irrepressible ... indefatigable."

500 Years of Chican@ History tells the stories of Viva la Causa is an introduction to Chican@ history from the point of view of the people who lived it. This film is sympathetic to the issues of oppressed peoples, without flinching for the difficulties facing "el Movimiento" including class, sexism, interracial unity, and homophobia.


Being John Brown is a group of activists committed to challenging white supremacy. We wish to see a world in which white privilege and oppression of people of color have been completely eliminated, and our purpose is to help bring about that world. We believe that white people have a responsibility to actively confront white supremacy, as well as to take action in solidarity with organizing led by people of color. Being John Brown exists in order to organize in our communities for these purposes, and to support activists and organizations with similar goals. 

Being John Brown is open to anyone who agrees with these principles.

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