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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fri. July 29th: The China Syndrome

Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In presents:

The second film of the summer series
The China Syndrome

Friday July 29th at 8:30pm
at The Green Station, corner of Ocean and Soquel Ave.

Journalists discover safety coverups at a Nuclear power plant (in California), during an earthquake. Woa!!! Risking their jobs & lives, by challenging censorship from their media owners & intimidation from the Nuclear power company, they attempt to expose the truth.

This 1979 suspense-drama (nominated for 4 Acadamy Awards) was released 12 days before the nuclear accident at 3 Mile Island in Pennsylvania. Like the true story of Karen Silkwood (who died on her way to meet a reporter from the NYTimes) this film stands the test of time in continuing to point out the ongoing and real dangers of Nuclear power & the Nuclear power industry.

PLUS short films, an brief intermission, and great company.

BRING your friends, your family, and your neighbors. Bring drink & food and anything you need to be comfortable. Donations are greatly appreciated and directly support the project.

SANTA CRUZ GUERILLA DRIVE-IN is an outdoor movie theatre under the stars that springs up in the fields and industrial wastelands. Beyond showing great movies and bringing a broad community together, part of our mission is to help reclaim public space and transform our urban environment.

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