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Monday, August 15, 2011

China Syndrome- Report Back

The screening went well, despite my initial anxieties. I wasn't too sure I knew the in's and out's of the tech-equip esp. after I found out that Jason couldn't co-host when I went to meet him at SubR on Friday eve (he had to go to a Dr last minute- I'm pretty sure Jason is fine).

Senka was great & helped me with set-up. I managed to figure most things out... eventually. The only tech problem was I couldn't cue up the shorts (from an Atomic Cafe DVD) I'd tried it in advance at home and it worked fine- in hindsight, I think the remote for the DVD may need new batteries. This tech failure made the shorts- a bust. I could only start from the beginning of Atomic Cafe which was not at all funny or engaging- mostly truly sad, bleak and depressing footage re Hiroshima and Nagasaki carnage and US callousness about it.

About 35 people showed up (including 80 year-old Jan H, of the Raging Grannies), which was good, considering we hadn't done any postering- specifically for the show (since we were both under the weather the weeks prior to the show). I did manage to do some more posting of the GDI Summer schedule, with the China Syndrome highlighted.

I went back to SubR & took the bamboo pole-screen from SubR, cause I thought the screen was missing (I later found it at the bottom of the clear plastic 5 gal bucket).

The Green Station was a great location- central, visible, minimal peripheral light & noise (surprisingly!). Ray Newkirk & Bill LeBon (2 of the 5 co-owners of the GS) showed up at the screening. Ray opened the garage so I could access power & also brought brought out 6 plastic chairs for people to use. Senka & I brought some extra chairs, tarps and a large rug wall of which were used by folk. Jozseph kindly brought a huge wok full of popcorn, which was empty by the end of the eve. He would love to host us for a GDI screening on the back-levee side of the 418 in the coming few months (using the sloping hillside between the levee path and the building- stadium seating!)- if anyone gets a chance to check this out & assess the location, please do. (I think we could put some scrap rugs over the low bushes on the slope to increase seating). + Ray would be happy to host us again at the Green Station.

OK, that's it for the moment

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